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Amanda was my Clerk for many years and helped me work through some of the busiest court calendars of the Kitsap County Superior Court. The number of attorneys and self-represented litigants to whom she responded each day was simply huge. She did so professionally, quickly and with the highest degree of respect for the challenges others were seeking to work through. Being a Clerk is literally being on the front line. Her years working with me was service in the trenches of those front lines. While disappointed to lose Amanda as my Clerk, I was supportive of her move to become a Supervisor in the Clerk's Office of the Kitsap County Superior Court. We continued to work closely together as our Court transitioned to computerized records and filings, and Amanda was instrumental in those significant changes in our Court. I once lived just above the Hood Canal Bridge and have good memories of Life there. Amanda has firmly established herself in Port Townsend and for years now has enjoyed the advantages and benefits of Life in Jefferson County. If elected Clerk, Amanda Hamilton will provide outstanding leadership and competence to continue the high standards of service and professionalism of the Clerk's Office of the Jefferson County Superior Court. The citizens of Jefferson County could not do better. Thurman W. Lowans Court Commissioner (retired) Kitsap County Superior Court — Thurman Lowans
Kitsap County Superior Court Commissioner (retired)

It is with upmost confidence that I endorse Amanda Hamilton for the position of Jefferson County Clerk. Amanda is extremely qualified for this role due to her intellect, organizational and administrative skills and integrity. During her years of public service, she has distinguished herself in various positions within both the law and justice systems. She understands the responsibility of preserving accurate records that are critical to the lives of others. Amanda has demonstrated her ability to learn and excel over and over during our years of working together in the Kitsap County Clerk’s Office. Amanda has the confidence, knowledge and work ethic needed to maintain a positive, efficient work environment that will serve the people of Jefferson County for years to come. — Connie Mayer
Courthouse Facilitator, Retired

Committee to Elect Amanda Hamilton for Jefferson County Washington Clerk
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